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Demian Voorhagen
When I started in the online marketing industry as a buyer I felt good service and quality was missing in the solo ad industry. That is why I decided to deliver it myself :) 
What Are Solo Ads ?
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What does Enhanced clicks mean?
That means that you are buying clicks from hyper targeted ad campaigns such as Adwords and Bing. That means this list is only sold by me (99% of the solo ad vendors buy traffic from each other, I do not sell this list to any vendor). This typically gets you far better results compared to other vendors.
Will you always accept my order?
I do not accept any order that indicate any forbidden, illigal or fake services. These include but are not limited to: Signup for free money, scam sites, etc. I reserve the right to refuse your order any time.
What niche do you work in?
My solos are for any make money market, including business opportunities, trading, setting up your business, etc. People specifically opted in to my list to be updated on programs that can help them set up an online income.
Do I need to write an email?
No, since I know my list best and experimented for so long I know what works best. You don't have to do anything, just give me your link and you are done.
Where does traffic come from?
This list is solely build on Google Adwords and Bing.  You will never get traffic that is sold amongst other vendors or traffic where the email addresses have been sold/bought by anyone, this guarantees a high lead quality.
Can I get a refund?
Since this is a service is it not possible to get a refund.
How soon wil the traffic start?
After reviewing your purchase the traffic will start. You will receive and email when that happens.
Can I get the email addresses of the people you send my ad to?
No, this is not possible for multiple reasons.
1: We are fully compliant with all privacy and GDPR regulations. Since we are Europe based, it is not allowed to provide any user information without their consent.
2: Even if this was possible, it would be unethical to just give out emails without people knowing. You can send people to your page, and if they are interested they will leave their email.
Do you offer an affiliate model?
Yes! After your purchase you will receive a link to signup for the affiliate model. I give LIFETIME commissions to my affiliates, so that you can build an extra income stream from my services.
Do you guarantee results?
No, I do everything I can to get the best quality, but I do not guarantee any kind of result in any way. Any vendor that guarantees you results should be a warning sign for you.
How long will the delivery take?
This depends on the size and purchase. The average order is delivered in around 3-7 days. There is no guarantee on order delivery, if you need traffic before a certain date please send me a message beforehand.
Where can I ask an other question?
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